"This informative and highly engaging story will appeal to learners, young and old. It will support science, social studies and math curriculum and can be used by curriculum and assessment writers, and classroom teachers in implementation of Common Core Standards to provide background knowledge and evidence for performance tasks. The Little Zoo That Could will be an asset to any school or district digital library."
Lisa Paioni, Principal
Bellflower Unified School District
Bellflower, CA

"It is evident to me that every school and school district that has a value-based curriculum needs to show their students this series! The love the zoo personal show the animals epitomizes the value of caring for another - a vital part of being a good person. Many children and adults in todays' society care only for themselves, and here is a bevy of people who gave up their own safety not once, but three times, to protect and save these animals. There's a lot to be learned from the human and animal behavior in this series."
Marla Osband, Ed.D., Director/Mentor
California Department of Education
Professor of Education, UCLA

"The story of The Little Zoo That Could will instill in kindergarten and elementary school students the concept of looking out for each other, whether it's human-to-human or human-to-animal. This inspirational story shows that the impossible is possible if you set goals, persevere and work as a team. The series also reaches across all school subjects from science and math to social studies and skill building. I believe it's a wonderful resource for classroom teachers committed to inspiring today's youth and dedicated to creatures that sometimes need our help."
Howard Meibach, Elementary School Teacher
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)


Children's Librarians:

"This is the saga of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo surviving three hurricanes. The story illustrates the need for contingency planning, strategizing and teamwork. Prior to the hurricanes, animals must be relocated to higher ground. Post hurricane, the zoo must be assessed and rebuilt. Staff and volunteers demonstrate leadership, resourcefulness, and compassion through their dedication to the wellbeing of the animals. Viewers learn about the habits and habitats of indigenous, exotic and rescue animals, as well as weather and climate. This series supports STEM curriculum, and would be an excellent choice for a school library."
Debbie Henderson, Children's Librarian
Beverly Hills Public Library
Beverly Hills, CA

"I have been a huge fan of "The Little Zoo That Could" even before I started working at my library. The DVD offers a very personal glimpse into the inner workings and everyday life of a small zoo. Having to move the entire zoo three times because of hurricanes and keeping all of the animals safe certainly elevates everyone at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to superhero status. The DVD is a valuable part of my personal collection and a very popular item at my library staying checked out constantly. We recommend it to all of our patrons as well as a personal visit to the zoo. No family trip to Gulf Shores would be complete without it."
Amy Maliska, Children's Librarian
Thomas Norton Library
Gulf Shores, AL

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From Special Viewers:

"When our son was a cancer patient at the Children's Hospital of Minneapolis we watched the entire DVD series of The Little Zoo That Could and we couldn't have been more grateful. The story was utterly captivating, inspiring and sweet. We laughed and learned so many cool things about animals and zookeeping. It was the perfect medicine through some rough times."
Camille Lasica, Parent
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
"I am 77 years old and in a senior living community in Georgia. I love The Little Zoo That Could. I learned so much about animals from all the stories. Just as animals need stimulation, so do we here. I love animals and yearn to go to zoos but I cannot drive alone anymore. So this is really wonderful that I can watch the program here."
Mary Galloway,
Senior Community Resident
Augusta, GA