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United States: $12.95
Canada: $14.95
International: $18.95

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*The rate of $399.95 per DVD boxed set (4 discs) is only available to non-profit, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) status and publicly-funded organizations, institutions and associations in the fields of education, science, library sciences, medical, health and social services, including public schools, libraries, museums, children's hospitals and medical facilities, senior living communities and medical facilities.

**The rate of $799.95 per DVD boxed set (4 discs) is the price for private or publicly-held for-profit businesses, corporations, enterprises, organizations and associations that provide services and products to the children's educational industry including private schools and tutoring companies; the medical industry that services children, including hospitals, medical institutions and clinics; the senior living and medical industry which includes, retirement communities, assisted living, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, and senior day care centers.


The Little Zoo That Could series, Limited Collector's Edition DVD set is a digitally remastered release of the original television series and is only licensed for non-theatrical, educational and service industry use. It cannot be reproduced, copied, duplicated or altered in any way.

The DVD series can be shown in public and private schools, in public libraries, at educational and professional conferences, and in academic institutions. It is suitable for children's hospitals and medical facilities, and for a range of senior housing communities including, senior centers, assisted living and nursing facilities.

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A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of THE LITTLE ZOO THAT COULD Limited Collector's Edition DVD set goes directly to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, operated by The Zoo Foundation, Inc. and governed by a Board of Directors.