When The Little Zoo That Could documentary series aired on Animal Planet, the enormous response from senior viewers around the world was astounding. Countless letters, emails, donations, and gifts poured into the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, all expressing how touched and entertained they were by the story of Zoo Director Patti Hall, her courageous zookeepers, and their historic rescue of the zoo's animals. It's not surprising that this connection continues unabated to this day. Hundreds of thousands of seniors who watched The Little Zoo That Could on TV have now visited the real zoo and met some of their favorite characters.

But for the many seniors unable to experience the joy and wonder of live animal encounters at zoos, sanctuaries, or in nature, whether it's due to immobility, social isolation or financial constraints, this animal-themed series can bring hours of uplifting, family entertainment to the residents of any
senior living community or facility.

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This 14-episode DVD Series
is an exceptional video library
asset for all types of senior housing and senior care communities:

  • Independent Living
  • Retirement Villages
  • Assisted & Congregate Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Alzheimer Care
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Respite & Adult Day Care

What The Little Zoo That Could series offers seniors:

  • a captivating, heartwarming story that demonstrates love, devotion and compassion for others
  • many humorous and enchanting scenes between the keepers and the zoo's animals
  • a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the profession of zookeeping, and the deep bonds that can be formed between humans and exotic animals
  • fascinating insights about zoo animals and their behavior
  • a multi-generational viewing experience that can be shared between seniors and their families, especially with children, and with their professional caregivers
  • a sense of companionship and camaraderie with a community of animal-lovers
  • a real life connection to the ongoing community of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
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"I am 77 years old and in a senior living community in Georgia. I love The Little Zoo That Could. I learned so much about animals from all the stories. Just as animals need stimulation, so do we here. I love animals and yearn to go to zoos but do not want to drive alone anymore. So this is really wonderful that I can watch the program here."
Mary Galloway
Augusta, GA

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