The Little Zoo That Could series provides numerous educational opportunities that can be used to implement CORE and STEM curriculum standards in science, math, and social studies. Students can learn about:

  • Zoology of exotic and indigenous animals: species type, habitat, natural behavior in the wild, care and feeding in captivity
  • Geography: species origins and global populations, loss and preservation of animal habitat
  • Weather, climate, and the environment: hurricane and tropical storm systems, the effects of regional climate on animals and humans, environmental cause and effect
  • Public health and safety: the impact of natural disasters on human and animal populations, preparedness and evacuation, health and well-being of affected communities

Professional, accredited zookeepers are also public educators. As followed throughout the 14-episode series, the keepers of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo are required to provide factual information and knowledgable insights about the zoo's animals. Using their animal stage shows, annual Zoo Camp, community outreach programs to schools, libraries and youth organizations, and many fundraising events, these zookeepers make sure everybody knows about the animals of The Little Zoo That Could.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"...


According to a recent UK survey of 1,300 kids, aged five to ten, a zookeeper is one of the Top 5 answers.

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Exotic animals, real-life heroes, an adventure story filled with compelling, humorous and inspiring moments... Beyond its entertainment and educational value, The Little Zoo That Could also exemplifies to viewers, especially families with children, how important personal values are in setting and achieving goals through:

  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Leadership, teamwork and resourcefulness
  • Sacrifice, generosity and volunteerism
  • Honor and respect for all living things
  • Love, kindness and compassion toward each other

The series is a solid addition to the documentary DVD section of any public library, but will have special appeal as a Children's Library asset. It can also be screened as a 14-part weekly library series followed by small group discussions and animal-themed reading activities.

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"This informative and highly engaging story can be used by curriculum and assessment writers, and classroom teachers in implementation of Common Core Standards to provide back-ground knowledge and evidence for performance tasks. The Little Zoo That Could will be an asset to any school or district digital library."
Lisa Paioni
Bellflower Unified School District
Bellflower, CA
"This series supports STEM curriculum, and would be an excellent choice for a school library."
Debbie Henderson
Children's Librarian
Beverly Hills Public Library
Beverly Hills, CA
"...a very popular item at my library, staying checked out constantly. We recommend it to all of our patrons."
Amy Maliska
Children's Librarian
Thomas Norton Library
Gulf Shores, Alabama