It's impossible not to fall in love with one of TV's most charming cast of animal characters. They are the real inhabitants of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and the stars of the hit documentary TV series, The Little Zoo That Could.
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In this awe-inspiring, real-life adventure story that goes behind-the-scenes into the everyday lives of 300 exotic animals, viewers discover how a zoo full of animals could endure three hurricanes and evacuations, the destruction of their zoo home, and the noisy, disruptive rebuilding efforts by their devoted zookeepers. The bond between the animals and their keepers, under the most extreme circumstances is endearing, endlessly fascinating, and laugh-out-loud entertaining to watch...

When asked what happens during a hurricane, Jo the African parrot sings, "Row, row, row your boat".…Umba the Mandrill baboon is obsessed with strawberry ice cream bars from the zoo's gift shop….Cappy the South American capybara, the world's largest rodent, loves going for walks on his leash...

From Robbie, the albino Burmese python to Carmelita, the guanaco, these unique and lovable TV stars of The Little Zoo That Could provide hours of enjoyment and numerous educational opportunities that will not be forgotten.

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Over the years, many of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo's inhabitants were rescues, orphans, abandoned, or unwanted, and quickly found a safe and loving home at the zoo. Patti Hall has a soft spot for any animal in need. Whether it's a baby deer found on the side of the road or a parrot that outlived its owner and has no place to go, she will always try to make room and add it to the zoo's family. Her open-door policy is unorthodox in the professional zookeeping world.