Three Massive Hurricanes, 270 Exotic Animals, 28 Humans,
and one Little Zoo That Could... This is the heroic, real-life story of an
extraordinary bond between humans and animals and
one little zoo's fight for survival.
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Fall in love with the real inhabitants of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo when you go behind-the-scenes into the day-to-day world of this 17-acre nonprofit, seaside zoo. Faced with utter destruction by Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina, this little zoo stood up, fought back and made history as the first U.S. zoo to ever evacuate its animals during a natural disaster!

The highly acclaimed, heartwarming and dramatic documentary TV series that entertained and inspired millions of viewers, The Little Zoo That Could, is now available as 14 one-hour episodes to stream or for your DVD library. It is ideally suited to organizations and industries that provide education and social enrichment services whether it's for children, families or seniors. All will benefit from watching this captivating series.
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"An informative, highly engaging story that will appeal to learners, young and old….The Little Zoo That Could will be an asset to any school or district digital library."
Lisa Paioni, Principal
Bellflower Unified School District
Bellflower, CA